Memories you can hold!
Patchwork Keepsakes

Memory Cushions

Create memories you can cuddle, each one is totally unique based on the clothes you choose to use.

Handcrafted using traditional patchwork methods and will be backed with a soft cuddle fleece ready to be treasured by you.

Patchwork keepsake cushion made out of treasured baby-grows

Memory Quilts

Snuggle up in a unique quilt of memories made from your loved ones precious items of clothing. 

Each quilt is handcrafted for you and backed with soft cuddle fleece. Choose your preferred size from cot quilt to double bed size. 

Patchwork keepsake quilt made out of treasured baby-grows

Memory Bears

Get your precious memories back in your arms with a uniquely personal keepsake bear.

Choose from a traditional bear, a cuddly bunny, a sleepy sloth OR let us know if you want something specific.

Patchwork keepsake bear made out of treasured baby-grows

How The Process Works

Order Your Keepsake

Once you have decided which style keepsake you would like you can order it through our online shop.

Simply click on the button above for information about how many items of clothing you will need, prices and to make your order.

Once your order is processed we will send you a prepaid mailbag, to send your treasured items of clothes to us (please see the individual products for quantities needed), any unused whole items will be returned to you with your completed keepsake.

Choose Your Clothes

Next is the hard part, get your clothes out of storage and choose the ones you want us to create your beautiful keepsake out of.

This can be a difficult task as it brings back lots of memories, our prepaid postage is valid for 12 months.

If there any particular items that you want us to focus on then please include a note with your items.

Send your chosen items in the prepaid mailing bag sent to you after you made your order. 

The Magic Begins

Once we receive your clothes we will get to work on creating something unique and special just for you.

We know how difficult it can be to entrust your treasured items to someone else, we take as much care  as if they were our own.

It can take up to 4 weeks to complete your order we will keep you informed and let you know when your keepsake is ready to be sent home for you to get those memories back in your arms and to treasure forever.

If you need some help or more information, then get in touch

The items on our site are examples of what we can do for you. If you have any special requests or questions about our services then please get in touch.

We will do our best to help you out.