Handcrafted & Personalised

Handmade and meaningful jewellery designed for you by

Ciamarha x


Create a special birthday gift or your own sparkling wearable family tree!

Our stacking bracelets look great on their own or stacked with others from our range.

They can be personalised with sparkling Swarovski Crystals or traditional charms.


Our range of stunning necklaces are all made from Sterling Silver.

Designs can be enhanced with the addition of sparkling Swarovski crystals or resin to create a unique design just for you.

Little Prints

Beautiful fine silver jewellery, personalised with the actual prints of your loved ones.

Whether it is a hand print, foot print or paw print we can miniaturise it and embed it in fine silver to create a stunning and unique piece of jewellery just for you!

Latest designs
Peridot Crystal Birthstone Bracelet
Sterling Silver and crystal Rainbow-glow stacking bracelet
Crystal Rainbow Bracelet
Silver Bee Stacking Bracelet
Garnet Crystal Stacking Bracelet
Sterling silver stacking bracelet enhanced with Swarovski crystals in shades of blue
Birthstone Collection

Some dates are meant to be celebrated!

Create a unique piece of jewellery for a special birthday or as your own beautiful and sparkling family tree.

Made from Sterling Silver enhanced with sparkling Swarovski Crystals

Reset Your Chakras

Our stunning collection of handcrafted chakra jewellery is handcrafted is made with love and aims to help you spiritually.

Made with natural semi-previous gem stones which are believed to have healing properties promoting positivity, calm, balance and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

The universe is made up of powerful energy and chakras symbolise the seven energy points in our bodies; starting from the bottom of the spine and moving to the top of the head. Each one is represented by a unique symbol and a specific colour.

Discovering the meaning behind each symbol will help you to find the chakra that is meant for you.

chakra illustration