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Handcrafted bracelets, designed by Ciamarha for you

We source the best materials to make our jewellery both beautiful and personal for each individual.

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It is believed that when energy flows freely through  the seven chakras in our bodies, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced. Each of the 7 chakras is represented by a natural gemstone in our chakra bracelets.

Great gift for family, friends & loved-ones.

Stacking Bracelet

Birthstone Bracelets

Ancient civilizations believed gemstones had incredible powers to bring good luck and therapeutic powers to the wearer.

We use Swarovski Crystals to represent your birthstone both for their stunning colours and to add extra sparkle. 

Pawprint necklace
Handprint & Footprint Range

Our imprint range is a way of creating beautiful personalised jewellery, with the actual prints of your loved ones embedded in fine silver to create a stunning keepsake which you can treasure forever! 

Whether it is a hand print, footprint, finger print or paw print, we can miniaturised it and handcraft it into a charm, pendant, keyring or cuff links to make a unique keepsake just for you!

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